Supporting Our Station.

Supporting Our Station

Our station is made up entirely of volunteers. There are many ways in which you may be able to lend a hand.

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Becoming a Member

All those who give of their time on the executive, on the committee or as an announcer must be a member. Community members may also show their support by becoming a member and there is also provision for group membership of organisations in our area. Community members may not want to contribute more than just their membership fee, their support is still much appreciated.

Membership is for a calendar year and is $15.40 for an individual and $55.00 for a group. Memberships are due as close to the start of the year as possible, prior to any involvement.

Executive and Committee

Any member can also be involved with the executive or committee. Positions are filled from nominations at our Annual General Meeting. As of 2014 we have 3 community members who have expertise in particular areas who sit on our executive who are not announcers but are dedicated and willing to support community radio in this way.

By becoming a part of this management group there is opportunity to meet and interact with like minded people, conduct or be involved in regular meetings, help plan the direction in which the station is heading, become involved with finances, learn about the technical side of the hardware and software that runs the station, the maintenance of the station and its surrounds and to know that you are part of an organization that is well supported by our community.

Become an Announcer

If you wish to pursue this avenue of radio you will need to complete the training involved, which can take months. You will learn organizational skills, knowledge of the relevant hardware and software. The do’s and don’ts of live broadcasting, the need to be punctual and responsible when you are part of a team and in charge of a valuable community resource. Part of the training will involve mentoring by an experienced announcer and ongoing training once you have ‘gone solo.’

We are always on the look-out for new announcers who have a knowledge or interest that is not currently being satisfied by our present weekly programming. This could include a particular age group or musical taste. News from a community organization or interest group. The list is endless and allows for maximum community involvement.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors are very important to our continued existence. Being a Not for Profit organization peopled by volunteers, all of the money raised goes directly back into the smooth running of our operations. Being a community organization all of our assets are managed by our incorporated body without any outside interference or assistance. As grants are few and far between the importance of that which we can raise locally is most important.

     Local businesses take advantage of our form of media by sponsoring shows, promotions and news broadcasts. During the time on air, that local business receives regular publicity of their business or product and air-time can range from a 10sec sponsorship of news to a 30sec+ promotion, regularly broadcast up to 30 times a week.

Music and information shows can be sponsored on a half hour or hourly basis, with a maximum exposure of 5mins. per hour. Sales and promotions that occasionally occur are well supported by this form of publicity.

For specific rates please refer to the sponsorship brochure contained on this web site and remember that a package can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Be a Sponsor on Our Outside Broadcast Van

Gain valuable exposure within our district at; street promotions, sporting events, and business promotions, when we are attending an outside broadcast. We use our van regularly throughout the year and for as little as $50 per year you can advertise your business or product on our van. Stick-on decals can be supplied by you, or we can arrange to have them made, size restrictions do apply. Refer to the sponsorship brochure.