Sponsorship Information

 2WCR-FM community radio is heard in businesses and homes throughout the district. Promote your business, sporting or charity organization, because radio sponsorship works, by taking advantage of these offers.

Sponsorship brochures are available at the station or from your station representative.

Sponsor your favourite live and local programme to promote your business.

There are a number of sponsorship arrangements available such as: news, community and sporting events. If you want to sponsor any event in our region we will be only too happy to discuss it with you. As well as the sponsorships mentioned below we are only too willing to tailor a package to suit your individual needs.


Community Announcements

It is the policy of 2WCR-FM to assist ‘not for profit’ (NFP) community organizations to promote their events at no charge. If you are the event organizer, or secretary, involved with a local charity, school, sporting or community organization, then do not hesitate to call us and we will help to make your event a success.

This can also include changed arrangements due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Faxing us your information is the most accurate way of receiving that information, please include a contact person and their details.

2WCR-FM Sponsorship Packages.

(Announcements are 30 seconds in duration)

*       One week of announcements, 10 announcements + 5 free.


*         Two Weeks of announcements, 20 announcements + 10 free. $99.00.

*         Monthly, 40 announcements + 20 free. $198.00.

*         Yearly sponsorship, Payable quarterly in advance. $165.00 per


*         Radio programme sponsorship. Four 30 sec. announcements + mentions during programme.         $22.00 per hour.

*         News sponsorship.         $33.00 per month.

*         Sponsorship of sporting announcement         $11.00.


Please be advised that 2WCR-FM requires 14 days notice for the production of new sponsorship announcements and the alteration of existing sponsorship announcements.

Live Broadcast.

For a live broadcast of your community event invite 2WCR-FM to attend your function with their Outside Broadcast Van. Availability of van will depend on time restrictions of our volunteers but when available it is a free service. All that we ask is that you include the contribution that 2WCR-FM is making to your event, in your advertising before, during and after that event, where possible.

We have attended; sporting events, business promotions, Agricultural Shows, community events, expos and occasions like the Australia Day Awards and Anzac Day march.

We can promote your occasion regularly during the broadcast, conduct interviews and provide descriptions of the activities taking place all in an informative and entertaining fashion.

 Outside Broadcast Van Advertising

You may want to display your community, corporate or business logo on our Outside Broadcast Van. We attend up to 20 events during the year at venues throughout our Shire and occasionally beyond, ie The Elvis Festival in Parkes.

Advertising can be arranged for $50 per sign per calendar year, plus the cost of the sign. Depending on size you can supply a sign or we can organize one for you.

Contact Details


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Fax          02 68 422 632

Mail PO Box 525 Coonabarabran 2357.

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