Peter Sweeney

 ‘Toe Tappin’ with Teach’ Monday 6pm-9pm.

‘Brunch with Teach’  Tuesday 10am-noon.

Community Announcements Friday 8am-9am.

Local Sport Wrap Saturday 7am-8am

Senior Citizens Show roster Thursday 9am-10am. 

One of our newest announcers, Peter’s show on Monday, Toe Tappin’ With Teach,’ presents listeners with a large range of music from the 50’s-80’s. Peter has digitalized his vinyl collection and presents many of the original artists.

You can also hear Peter on a Tuesday during, ‘Brunch with Teach,’ when he will tell us the goings on at the Coona Bowling Club.Pete has also taken on the Community Announcements on a Friday morning. Pete can be heard on a Saturday morning, on Wokka’s sports show, speaking about the goings on at the Bowling Club. Peter is also on the roster of the Senior Citizens show.  Peter is only too willing to substitute when an announcer is unable to attend.