Community Announcements

Community Announcements

As a community radio station we feel that we have a responsibility to support our community and we can achieve this through community announcements.

At 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends we have a hour of community announcements. These announcements take the form of; funeral announcements, lost and found, announcements for local clubs and organizations as well as from our Shire Council and other governmental bodies.

Most announcements are broadcast free of charge which is one way in which we support the community. Not For Profit (NFP) organizations in our listening area do not have to pay for their announcements, all we ask is that they supply us with all of the relevant details of the event with a contact person and their details. Often the best way of doing this is by fax.

Community announcements are our way of keeping our listening audience aware of what is happening in our community. It can be a more direct method of community awareness than other media because we can announce every day, seven days a week and the information is always up to date and accurate.

We have been available, during times of natural disaster, in being able to regularly update changing situations.