Gavin Ginn


Community Announcements Monday & Tuesday 8am-9am

Tuesdays at Six 6pm-8pm.

The Coona Show Show Seasonally

Gavin can be heard on Monday & Tuesday mornings reading the community announcements. He will often showcase promotional music, ‘sight unseen.’

Gavin plays music from the 1960’s – 1970’s in this show that he co-hosts with Richard, with a mixture of greatest hits and original albums. They provide interesting background information on the artists and albums.

Tune in on this midweek night for the latest community information, weather reports and often there is a live interview with a person of interest or the representative of a community organization.

Gavin will rollout the Beatle’s Double Play of the week, dedicate a song to a blond in his life and prevent Richard from talking too much, if possible by threatening to expel him to the ‘naughty chair.’